The Website Installer inside the Quality Value Service (QVS) hosting Online Control Panel will give you an easy and fast approach to start a fresh site using a custom appearance in just a few minutes. It merely requires merely a few simple steps for your web site to be on the Internet. You can actually choose between more than two hundred readily available website templates and as soon as everything is ready, you’re able to deal with your web site very easily. We are going to provide you with sign–in information for the admin area and you should be able to start putting in brand–new web pages straight away. If, anytime, you need help – the computer representatives will be available 7 days a week, all set to assist you.

The Website Installer is available each Linux shared services offer coming using the Quality Value Service (QVS) hosting Online Control Panel.

A Quick Webpage Installer

Release your brand–new web site with merely a click of the mouse

If you are not proficient in HTML and CSS, it might be challenging if you want to work with a website configuration on your own – unless you make use of easy–to–use web site development instruments like our speedy Website Installer that is incorporated into the Online Control Panel. To make use of the application, you only need to select a layout template for use on your website and then install it with a mouse click. You don’t have to have virtually any html coding expertise to get started with your site. You can integrate fresh web pages and upload text and images with them extremely conveniently. If you do not like the adjustment you have made it’s possible to undo it and repeat the process. It’s all quite simple to manage.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Website Themes In Your Hands

Launch your website with only a click

To aid you to get a new web site online in a timely manner, we have developed a number of web themes to pick from. Depending on the function of your web site, you can find a wonderful design theme for your blog or web gallery as well as the optimal layout for your personal portfolio. All templates are available for free–of–cost use within your Online Control Panel. We are working hard to build fresh site templates in accordance with the latest design and style tendencies so as to provide you with a better option for your own websites.

200+ Free Templates

Contact Us 24 hours a day for Technical Support

Quality Value Service (QVS) hosting’s support professionals are accessible day and night

We have been in the web hosting industry for quite a while now and have a department of professional technicians to help you out with virtually any challenge you could epxerience with your web site(s). Also, you’re able to check Quality Value Service (QVS) hosting’s FAQ plus the amazing variety of step–by–step video tutorials that cover the quite often enquired queries and present answers to the most common difficulties. Using our 1–hour reply time guarantee that we trim down to 20 min’s in non–hectic hours, you’ll get prompt support at any time.

24/7 Support