As a website needs both web hosting space and a domain, it’s crucial to be able to seamlessly manage not only the former, but also the latter. Even if the hosting service is fast and dependable, registering a new domain and pointing it to a site may be a torture and may require lots of time and effort. Actually, that’s the case with the vast majority of hosting providers out there – you will have at least two accounts, one billing account and one hosting account, and registering a domain and bringing it online will involve switching between the two accounts. It would be much more convenient if you could do all these things from one and the same location and concentrate on your site, not on various system tasks.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Shared Hosting

If you order a shared hosting package from our company, you will be provided with access to a feature-laden Domain Manager, which is part of our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You will be able to register a new domain name and then to park it or host it, to activate Whois Privacy Protection or to update its WHOIS details with only a few clicks. Using quick-access buttons, you will also be able to set up a subdomain, a mail account or a database, to keep track of visitor stats, to access the website files or to order a brand-new SSL certificate. All features are conveniently assembled and are accessible in one place, which will save you lots of time, so you will never have to leave the Domain Manager tool. You will not experience any problems, as we’ve included how-to articles and video lessons to reveal the full potential of our domain management tool.